what's on my mind

what's on my mind

söndag 6 november 2011

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1

So, Halloween is all over now, except for the Halloween decorations strewn all over my apartment, and I had an excellent fun party with a bunch of friends yesterday evening!
Everyone was wearing black except for me, because I went as Hide and he wore a lot of color, at the same time.

The Halloween Party at Mirai was also a lot of fun, danced with the cutest guy in the club and he even got my number ^_~
Note to self: never go as a vampire again, because the fangs keep falling out (and it's hard to talk!)

Today I finished the book I bought in Antalya Airport (on March 17);
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1.
It's a 670 pages long book with 3 different "Buffy stories" by 3 different authors.
I love reading it, and the time frame for the entire first book is set in 1998, second season of Buffy.

There are at least two more Buffy books, and although my passion for Buffy and the Scoobies is great, the lack of money in my wallet at the time when I saw the novels in the airport store was greater.

So I could only afford the first book. I really hope the other two can be ordered online or something, because I love these stories, they were wonderful!

If you're curious, you can read about the book here:

I am a bit of a writer myself, as I write fanfiction every now and then and I would just love to write a good, funny and thrilling Buffy story to be published in a book like this! :D That would definitely be a dream come true!

Buffy wins again!

"I may be dead, but I'm still pretty. Wich is more than I can say for you"
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer ep 12 "Prophecy Girl"

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Halloween part III

Okay so I have searched everywhere for my vampire fangs, and I cannot find them anywhere!!
 :( :( :(

I think they might have been stolen when my cellar was broken into two years ago.
I had a lot of crap lying around there, nothing really worth anything, the most valuable thing I had were those vampire teeth. They're called "sexy bites" and can be found at Shock store.

And I really need them now....
Dammit, I don't want to have to buy new ones, especially since I can't really afford it.
Maybe I'll just not go as a vampire. Maybe I'll just go as...me?
GOD how boring!

Bleh, being poor sucks...
It sucks ass!!!

This wouldn't be a problem if I was rich, or had a job!

Can't do nothin' fun around here...
My life is an everlong bore...

torsdag 27 oktober 2011

Sanguis Vita Est

Sanguis Vita Est means Blood Is Life in Latin.

It is also the title of one of the best Drarry stories I have ever read.
Now for the person who doesn't know Drarry is a Harry/Draco fanfiction slash.
Yez, I belongz to ze people who adore reading and imagining Draco Malfoy doing hot, sexy, dirty deeds with Harry Potter. ^_~

But this is more than just a story of smut. It is practically a novel, and a very exciting one at that.
The plotline is as follows, Draco becomes a prisoner in his own home, he is tortured and Harry who is also captured becomes a witness when in final humiliation they give Draco to a vampire that bites him and turns him into one. Then they want Draco to feed off Harry.
Draco bites Harry, but does not kill him, wich turns Harry into his First (he is still human, the difference lies mostly in Draco who will now only be able to drink from Harry's blood).

Harry kills Voldemort, somehow Voldemort's magic gets inside of Harry and after a summer where they both question everything about themselves and what is happening to them, they meet at school for Eighth Year, to catch up on all the missing classes they didn't get to finish Seventh Year because of the war.

Harry and Draco find themselves inescapably entangled in each other's lives as they find out that since Harry is Draco's First, he must feed off of his blood regularly until he is able to go longer periods of time without it. Harry hates the entire situation, especially because everytime Draco's lips and saliva and fangs touch his throat Harry feels the most alive he's ever been!

Here is an excellent fanvid made by the author of the story:

Author calls herself Shigure-san and the story can be found on adultfanfiction.net:

Well, I'm off to read chapter 15 now!
It just keeps getting better with every chapter, love it!!

onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Halloween part II

I have finally figured out what I'm going to go as at the Mirai Halloween party!

Of course, I've always been obsessed with them, and I also wanted a costume that could be sexy, since I'm going to a club with (hopefully) way more hotties than usual, since they're Asian ;P

So, I'm going as *drumroll* a vampire!!!

I have a pair of cool, exclusive vampire fangs lying around somewhere, I just need to put them on and figure out some sexy outfit to go with it (and vampiric makeup) and I'm all set!

Hopefully it's going to be all kinds of awesomeness, I don't get to go out so often and now I'm going out on HALLOWEEN, with my best friend to a K-pop club! I kind of have high expectations XD

My favorite vampire of all time is of course, Lestat de Lioncourt, a kick-ass awesome anti-heroic character of the lovely Anne Rice.

My lastest favorite vampire is named Draco Malfoy, he has become a vampire in a fanfiction I'm reading right now that has taken over my entire reading time. The story is called Sanguis Vita Est (latin for blood is life) and can be found on adultfanfiction.net by author Shigure-san.
Or here: http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600094455
It is an incredible story with a lot of sexual tension, plot and action, it's very well thought out!

But as much as I love my male vampires, the most beautiful one was Mina Harker, played by Winona Ryder in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Now you're thinking, but she wasn't a vampire! Oh but she was, she was bitten by Dracula and it wasn't until he died that she was released from the curse. I absolutely adore Winona Ryder in this movie and I think she is the ultimate beauty in this movie. I wish I looked like her!!

Lucy and Mina

Tomorrow I'm going to prepare some things for my Halloween Party that I'm going to have in my apartment in two weeks, we're going to be 7 or 8 girls squeesed into one little apartment, but I think it's going to be fun!

Everybody is supposed to dress up as something of course, and I'm going to make blood-drinks, slytherin green drinks, sausage fingers for dinner and bloodshot-eyes cupcakes for desert.

I'm also going to be the craftiest I've ever been in my life and make little coffin-candy bags for everyone! I'm totally looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out!

End part II

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Next, Barcelona?

Soooooo, if I can raise 200 Euros by next week and CSN will grant me a student loan, I will most surely soon be on my way to Barcelona, Spain!

There is a course called Spanish Language and Hospitality Management that I want to take and am excited about!! My spanish is not so great, but I have the basics, so I think I'll learn pretty fast and I do understand a great deal. I find it comforting to know that spanish is involved in the course and that I will also be learning all the details of running a hotel.

Since I'm mainly applying hotel positions this will feel like a great chance to increase my knowledge in the field and also to increase my chances of working abroad, like I've wanted to for so long!

I'm really hopeful and I think everything will be allright, if only CSN hurries up with a decision before school starts. KAMI-SAMA, BUDDAH-SAMA, DAIMO-SAMA, please PLEASE, let it all work out so that I can spend 6 glorious months in Spain and get a job after that!!!

I really really need this right now!

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Halloween! part 1

Halloween is closing!

I'm going to a Halloween party next week, actually it's a club (Mirai) playing k-pop and j-pop with halloween theme, of course. Here's my problem: I have no idea what to go as?!!

If you dress up as something you get a discount off the entrance ticket. But I have no idea what to go as. The week after I'm going to have a tiny Halloween party at my place, and then I'm dressing up as Hide, former singer of X Japan! But I can't go as Hide on the Mirai party too, can I?

No that's just not good enough, lacks a certain inginuity.


måndag 10 oktober 2011


Lately I've been wondering about X Japan and I'm getting curious to know their albums and their songs.
The only thing I really know about them is that they are the most famous Japanese rock band, known outside of Japan and helped shaped the world of visual kei and japanese rock to what it is today.


Everyone knows of course the story of the lead singer (and songwriter) Hide's untimely death. Hide, like Kurt Cobain and many other rockers that died before their time will always be a source of great admiration and mystery to eveyone who happens to know about X Japan.

The mystery surrounding Hide's death is also a reason why people will always be fascinated and mystified by him. Some say it was suicide, others think it was an alcohol induced mistake to relieve guitarrists aches. Either way, one thing is certain. Hide was an extraordinary man.

Hide's trademark pink hair and wild crazy haircuts still holds people's fascination. He dressed in the latest styles and still somehow manages to pull it off, even though the pictures are about 15 years old. He was beautiful and had the most expressful eyes. 

Few other J-rockers hold a candle to this beautiful legend. Except, dare I say, maybe Hyde.

kawaii hide

There are some physical similarities with Hyde that I can't deny, even their name's sound almost the same, even though their real names (Hideto) was the same, Hyde chose to use an english sounding similar name, most probably because there allready was one Hide and as to not cause confusion.

It is more than 13 years after Hide's death that I begin to appreciate and really be aware of him. Of course I had heard of him before, who hasn't? But it isn't until now that I re-discover this legend of a man, with more beauty and mystery than I can dream of. But this is a mystery that can never be solved. Some puzzles I guess will stay shrowded in darkness forever.

R.I.P Hide-sama!

onsdag 21 september 2011


Okay so I've started to follow CW's new series Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar among others.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as twins Bridget/Siobhan

I love SMG and as soon as I found out she was starring in a new series I said to myself 'I have to watch it!' Wich actually was the day after the first episode had premiered. ^_^

SMG in a green delightful top and leather pants.

There is a gorgeous cast of men in this series that are all after her in one way or another and now that I've seen the second episode I'm starting to think that most of the women on the series are total bitches. And possibly evil? Or maybe it's just the one...or one and a half, lol.

Anyways here's two stills from episode 2

Can you tell who is who? ;P

Anyways I really like this series so far, it's a mystery all of it and every episode makes you want to see more. Damn it, now I have to wait a whole other week to see episode three! :(

Thank Google for live streaming though!


Here is the link to episode 2 if you also want to watch it streamed live:

Don't mind that it says doesn't work. It does work, I just had to refresh the page a couple of times, but it works! I chose megavideo.

tisdag 20 september 2011

The Addams Family

Since the 1993 Addams Family Values (movie) was on TV today I thought 'it's been a long time since I saw the Addams Family on TV and so I thought that it would be nice if it was to become one of my regular TV series to watch.

Addams Family Values, 1993

The Addams Family is a tv sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1966. It revolves around this macabre family that take pleasure in the unusual, the painful, the morbid and the downright strange.
In the original of 1964 Carolyn Jones plays deadly beautiful Morticia, and John Astin plays eccentric and passionate Gomez Addams.

The Addams Family, Gomez & Morticia, 1964

Their family consists of cool and calculating daughter Wednesday, little rascal son Pugsley, Gomez brother Uncle Fester and the crazy grandmother who is a witch. Their servants are equally unusual and consist of giant Lurch and a severed hand called Thing.

1964 Addams Family DVD box

I remember when I was a kid, I watched the cartooned Addams Family and I have always thought they were a really cool and unusual family indeed.

And of course being influenced by everything I see and hear I loved the 1991 movie The Addams Family with Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci.

I wanted to be like Wednesday played by Christina Ricci when I was a little girl. Maybe because I have always had this kind of murderous, morbid side to me?

Wednesday Addams sleeping, 1991

måndag 19 september 2011

Drivers liscence

I have decided to finally go for my driver's liscence!
There are just too many jobs out there that demand a driver's liscence so it would be foolish of me not to get it now.

So today I went with my dad to a local driver's liscence school and I found the prices were not that bad, it's just too bad I don't even have an extra job just part time, 'cause that would help me afford it in just two months time or so.

I have been looking a lot at used cars and since I don't know anything about cars I just go after what I think is a pretty car. So I found a lot of Peugot and Mercedes Benz attractive.

The Peugot 607 and 307 are really nice, I like them a lot.

Peugot 607

I want my 607 dark blue with dark brown leather interior and wooden details on the panel.
OR with a black and blue interior, that is also very pretty.

Peugot 307
The 307 is a little lighter in color, so I like the darker 607 better, but hey it's still a pretty car.

Then if I had an unlimited amount of money I would probably get a Mercedes Benz F700

Look at that beauty. This car is luxury in metal.

Just look at the interior of this car! It's insane! XD

But first things first, let's concentrate on getting a liscence.

lördag 17 september 2011

Clarion Hotel job audition!

So today me and my friend Tina went to Chalmers to attend Clarion Hotel's job audition for their new hotel Clarion Hotel Post.

Clarion Post, the old Post Office of Göteborg.

The new hotel will be at Drottninggatan in Göteborg and the building in itself is the old Post Office of the city. It's a really beautiful building and it seems like a really nice hotel. I especially liked the pictures of the rooftop pool! The management seemed like really positive, friendly people that care about their staff and I should feel very lucky if I got a position somewhere in that hotel!

Rooftop pool wich you can see flying over the hotel!

I was nervous for 3 hours, actually 4 hours if you count the time it took to get there from my home. As soon as I left my apartment I felt all jittery and nervous. Luckily I had my T-chan there with me!

There was a show with music acts and a host who made everyone laugh and relax a little bit.
They really made an event of it, and with 1800 applicants in only one day (there were also applicants on Friday!) they had a lot going on.

I was very nervous, but as soon as I got in there and did my thing my two minutes were up really fast and they were very friendly and told me I did a good job. I think it went pretty well, so now I only have to wait for a week to see if I get called for further interviews.

Clarion Hotel Post from the rear, by night.

söndag 21 augusti 2011

I want a job!!

I really want a job.
Be it in a hotel, as a guide (in Sweden or abroad), a hostess, in a clothingshop, a bookstore or a travel agency, I don't care, I just want a job!

I'm not saying I'm desperate, because obviously that's quite apparent by the way I'm always going on about it, but I really really really want one!

Why should it be so fucking hard to land a fucking job?!

I want a job so I can pay my bills, for my apartment, buy food, the Merlin dvd's, the Supernatural seasons, a new bigger TV (because my TV is so miniscule it's hard to see what's happening),  a media table, new winter/autumn shoes, a new winter coat, and a trip to Japan this summer/spring with some buddies. I really want the money so that I can go on vacation to Japan, to finally get there!!

Kamisama, Daimousama! てつだってくれておねがいします!

måndag 15 augusti 2011

A mess

So yesterday my cellphone turned itself off and I was so sure that I knew the code.
Well, I was wrong.
Two times did I write the wrong code, and then I turned my cellphone off because I panicked.
I was sure I had the code somewhere near, wich I usually do, it's always in the same place.
Well, it wasn't.
I started at 12 in the afternoon to search for that goddamned thing, turned my entire apartment upside down, I went through every single thing I had.
And then I find it in the last place I looked, 12 hours later.
That is so fucking typical my luck.
You know, it's shit like that that's messing with my zen.

Anyhoo, I discovered a new band I like: they're called Hollywood Undead, their album American Tragedy is fucking awesome. One of the singers kind of sound like Chester from Linkin Park sometimes, screams not withstanding.
I do like new music (well, that's new to me anyways ^_~)

So I was thinking to get my zen on, once I've cleaned up all this shit that I discovered needed sorting through and organizing, and when I've washed all my clothes, I'll start meditating.
I'm looking forward going to the gym again and starting working that ass off.
I went two days ago, it was fucking great, no ppl in there because it was all sunny and nice outside.
Finally used my sunglasses for the first time this summer. Typical of me that I use them on like the last day of summer too.

I love this song I Don't Wanna Die (by Hollywood Undead) I'm listening to it now.
Finally Spotify is good for something. Yes peoplez, I've joined the Spotify crowd.
I'm such a sheep.

söndag 7 augusti 2011

A Little Lost

Will this never end?
I thought a while ago that I knew what I wanted, that I knew where I was headed and that I would sacrifice practically everything to get there.
But lately I'm not so sure.
Then again it could be the impending soon-to-be unemployed again depression that's getting to me.
I'm not sure exactly what to do and how to do it if I ever make up my mind.
Thing is, I want to go to Tokyo to study for 6 months up to a year...preferrably a year...BUT I'm not sure if I'm willing to take any more loans to get there. Thing is, I have to have a whoooole lot of money to even get there and setting up living expenses, tuitions and stuff and then there's taxes and travel fees and if I am to save up for all of this, I won't be able to go until I've worked for 4 years.
And I want to go NOW! T__T

I do feel a bit lost. But my intuition is telling me I should probably try to get a job in my own country first, so that I have experience in the field, before I start heading out for another country.
So now, all I need is a job I guess.
Anyone got a job for me out there?? I'm eager and willing to work hard and earn some money!

...If I was rich, I wouldn't be having this problem...I would just go anywhere I like, follow my every whim, go where my heart takes me...

lördag 11 juni 2011

I have a dream

I have a dream.
And I'll be goddamned before I let anyone take away or destroy my dream with ill conceived words or documents that say nothing about who I am or what I am capable of.

They have no idea what I am capable of or what I have seen in my 27 years.

Though I feel I have been wronged, I don't care what they think of me,
I know I did my best, I know I am better than that, I am most definately more intelligent than them and I shall have my vengance.

By living out my life to the fullest, proving them wrong and making that document insignificant I'll shout out my loudest; I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, YOU'RE WRONG AND YOU DON'T MATTER!

I have a dream and I'll make it mine!
I'll make it happen for sure!

fredag 3 juni 2011

excellent weather today!

Today I rode my bike all the way to Arbetsförmedlingen (wich is like an unemployment office where you go to for help with job searching). And then I kicked it at a nice green lawn with an ice cream in the warm, perfect sun. :D
It was so warm and beautiful today, totally perfect weather!!
I've been really attached to my bike lately. I think if I keep this up (and the weather keeps being this nice) I'm actually going to loose some weight :P

So I applied for two jobs today, one in Thailand as a nature guide for Siam Safari

Hopefully soon enough that guy in red will be me!! XD lol
I'm really excited about that one, it seems like such a wonderful job!

And I also applied for a conferece/spa/hotel in Gothenburg called Arken:

That jacuzzi looks awfully inviting! ^_^
They have really gorgeous pictures on their webpage and it seems like such a beautiful place to work in.

Well I'm satisfied with todays work!
It's going to be interesting to see if Siam Safari will contact me, since their web page says that they are searching for guides at the moment. *Keeping fingers crossed*

Good night!

fredag 20 maj 2011


I just came home from Liseberg and I had a lot of fun today. And then I turn on the TV and "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" is on. The first thing I see is one muscular man throwing another muscular man into a wall and then they kiss violently. And then the one goes down on the other.
So... my interest is peaked. LOL

One thing I noticed; there's a lot of swearing in this series, I watched about five minutes of it and they'd allready said "fucking" two times "fuck" one time and "cock" twice.
I don't mind a little swearing usually, I mean Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies.
But it seems odd because it's supposed to be set in ancient Rome. I'm sure they had their curse words in ancient Rome, but why not use those instead? Saying "fuck" all the time just sounds too modern for the show.

I absolutely love John Hannah, playing Batiatus in the series.

There's a definate sexual tone to this series, in one episode there was like three sexscenes. Lol again.

God, I'm dead tired now been running round amongst carousels all day, screaming and laughing.

I think I must have new neighbours or something because I hear this guy screaming a lot lately, I mean shouting at someone. And he's having a party...again.
Like it wasn't enough last Wednesday?

Anyhoo, I'm gonna sleep soon so good night to you all!

Job application and Liseberg!

Okay, so right now I sent off a job application to Världskulturmuseet (World Culture Museum).
And I hope they'll be so impressed by my resumé and letter that they call me right away for an interview.

I really do want to work there, it seems like one of the better jobs I could imagine with the education I have.
It doesn't hurt either that I have special interest in culture and human rights.
Bet you didn't know that about me?

I'm just full of surprises^^

Right now I'm going to get ready for Liseberg, wich is an amusement park that me and my classmates are going to! :D It's gonna be awesome, as long as it doesn't rain.
Update with pics from "Lissan" later.

In the meantime here's me in Antalya (Turkey) in March.

onsdag 18 maj 2011


Hi there!
Welcome to my new blog, En Resande Ängel, wich means A Travelling Angel in Swedish.
My name is Angel and I am from Sweden as you may have figured out allready.

This blog was created because I was inspired by my classmate Tina M, when she told me about this new blog she'd created since she's going away to Bulgaria and Spain to work there.
I am excited for her sake and I hope she'll update so that everyone in our class can see what she's up to.

Sofia (also in our class) was equally inspired by Tina and I will be following her adventures in Australia and Asia on her blog as well ^_^

Even though it seems I will not be travelling myself right now, you never know what can turn up. I'm not a Tourism student for nothing, right? ^_~