what's on my mind

what's on my mind

onsdag 21 september 2011


Okay so I've started to follow CW's new series Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar among others.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as twins Bridget/Siobhan

I love SMG and as soon as I found out she was starring in a new series I said to myself 'I have to watch it!' Wich actually was the day after the first episode had premiered. ^_^

SMG in a green delightful top and leather pants.

There is a gorgeous cast of men in this series that are all after her in one way or another and now that I've seen the second episode I'm starting to think that most of the women on the series are total bitches. And possibly evil? Or maybe it's just the one...or one and a half, lol.

Anyways here's two stills from episode 2

Can you tell who is who? ;P

Anyways I really like this series so far, it's a mystery all of it and every episode makes you want to see more. Damn it, now I have to wait a whole other week to see episode three! :(

Thank Google for live streaming though!


Here is the link to episode 2 if you also want to watch it streamed live:

Don't mind that it says doesn't work. It does work, I just had to refresh the page a couple of times, but it works! I chose megavideo.

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