what's on my mind

what's on my mind

lördag 17 september 2011

Clarion Hotel job audition!

So today me and my friend Tina went to Chalmers to attend Clarion Hotel's job audition for their new hotel Clarion Hotel Post.

Clarion Post, the old Post Office of Göteborg.

The new hotel will be at Drottninggatan in Göteborg and the building in itself is the old Post Office of the city. It's a really beautiful building and it seems like a really nice hotel. I especially liked the pictures of the rooftop pool! The management seemed like really positive, friendly people that care about their staff and I should feel very lucky if I got a position somewhere in that hotel!

Rooftop pool wich you can see flying over the hotel!

I was nervous for 3 hours, actually 4 hours if you count the time it took to get there from my home. As soon as I left my apartment I felt all jittery and nervous. Luckily I had my T-chan there with me!

There was a show with music acts and a host who made everyone laugh and relax a little bit.
They really made an event of it, and with 1800 applicants in only one day (there were also applicants on Friday!) they had a lot going on.

I was very nervous, but as soon as I got in there and did my thing my two minutes were up really fast and they were very friendly and told me I did a good job. I think it went pretty well, so now I only have to wait for a week to see if I get called for further interviews.

Clarion Hotel Post from the rear, by night.

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