what's on my mind

what's on my mind

måndag 10 oktober 2011


Lately I've been wondering about X Japan and I'm getting curious to know their albums and their songs.
The only thing I really know about them is that they are the most famous Japanese rock band, known outside of Japan and helped shaped the world of visual kei and japanese rock to what it is today.


Everyone knows of course the story of the lead singer (and songwriter) Hide's untimely death. Hide, like Kurt Cobain and many other rockers that died before their time will always be a source of great admiration and mystery to eveyone who happens to know about X Japan.

The mystery surrounding Hide's death is also a reason why people will always be fascinated and mystified by him. Some say it was suicide, others think it was an alcohol induced mistake to relieve guitarrists aches. Either way, one thing is certain. Hide was an extraordinary man.

Hide's trademark pink hair and wild crazy haircuts still holds people's fascination. He dressed in the latest styles and still somehow manages to pull it off, even though the pictures are about 15 years old. He was beautiful and had the most expressful eyes. 

Few other J-rockers hold a candle to this beautiful legend. Except, dare I say, maybe Hyde.

kawaii hide

There are some physical similarities with Hyde that I can't deny, even their name's sound almost the same, even though their real names (Hideto) was the same, Hyde chose to use an english sounding similar name, most probably because there allready was one Hide and as to not cause confusion.

It is more than 13 years after Hide's death that I begin to appreciate and really be aware of him. Of course I had heard of him before, who hasn't? But it isn't until now that I re-discover this legend of a man, with more beauty and mystery than I can dream of. But this is a mystery that can never be solved. Some puzzles I guess will stay shrowded in darkness forever.

R.I.P Hide-sama!

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