what's on my mind

what's on my mind

fredag 28 oktober 2011

Halloween part III

Okay so I have searched everywhere for my vampire fangs, and I cannot find them anywhere!!
 :( :( :(

I think they might have been stolen when my cellar was broken into two years ago.
I had a lot of crap lying around there, nothing really worth anything, the most valuable thing I had were those vampire teeth. They're called "sexy bites" and can be found at Shock store.

And I really need them now....
Dammit, I don't want to have to buy new ones, especially since I can't really afford it.
Maybe I'll just not go as a vampire. Maybe I'll just go as...me?
GOD how boring!

Bleh, being poor sucks...
It sucks ass!!!

This wouldn't be a problem if I was rich, or had a job!

Can't do nothin' fun around here...
My life is an everlong bore...

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