what's on my mind

what's on my mind

måndag 15 augusti 2011

A mess

So yesterday my cellphone turned itself off and I was so sure that I knew the code.
Well, I was wrong.
Two times did I write the wrong code, and then I turned my cellphone off because I panicked.
I was sure I had the code somewhere near, wich I usually do, it's always in the same place.
Well, it wasn't.
I started at 12 in the afternoon to search for that goddamned thing, turned my entire apartment upside down, I went through every single thing I had.
And then I find it in the last place I looked, 12 hours later.
That is so fucking typical my luck.
You know, it's shit like that that's messing with my zen.

Anyhoo, I discovered a new band I like: they're called Hollywood Undead, their album American Tragedy is fucking awesome. One of the singers kind of sound like Chester from Linkin Park sometimes, screams not withstanding.
I do like new music (well, that's new to me anyways ^_~)

So I was thinking to get my zen on, once I've cleaned up all this shit that I discovered needed sorting through and organizing, and when I've washed all my clothes, I'll start meditating.
I'm looking forward going to the gym again and starting working that ass off.
I went two days ago, it was fucking great, no ppl in there because it was all sunny and nice outside.
Finally used my sunglasses for the first time this summer. Typical of me that I use them on like the last day of summer too.

I love this song I Don't Wanna Die (by Hollywood Undead) I'm listening to it now.
Finally Spotify is good for something. Yes peoplez, I've joined the Spotify crowd.
I'm such a sheep.

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