what's on my mind

what's on my mind

fredag 20 maj 2011


I just came home from Liseberg and I had a lot of fun today. And then I turn on the TV and "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena" is on. The first thing I see is one muscular man throwing another muscular man into a wall and then they kiss violently. And then the one goes down on the other.
So... my interest is peaked. LOL

One thing I noticed; there's a lot of swearing in this series, I watched about five minutes of it and they'd allready said "fucking" two times "fuck" one time and "cock" twice.
I don't mind a little swearing usually, I mean Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies.
But it seems odd because it's supposed to be set in ancient Rome. I'm sure they had their curse words in ancient Rome, but why not use those instead? Saying "fuck" all the time just sounds too modern for the show.

I absolutely love John Hannah, playing Batiatus in the series.

There's a definate sexual tone to this series, in one episode there was like three sexscenes. Lol again.

God, I'm dead tired now been running round amongst carousels all day, screaming and laughing.

I think I must have new neighbours or something because I hear this guy screaming a lot lately, I mean shouting at someone. And he's having a party...again.
Like it wasn't enough last Wednesday?

Anyhoo, I'm gonna sleep soon so good night to you all!

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